Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano UE (NIE)

This service is designed to support you in obtaining a Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano UE which is required for any EU citizen residing in Spain for more than 90 days (commonly called NIE).

This is a green paper card that cannot be laminated. It contains your name, date of birth and location of birth, address in Spain, and date of application. It is needed to open a resident bank account, set up utilities contracts, obtain a health card, receive household goods from outside the EU, insurances, present ITP tax form, vehicle registration and driving license, all school registrations, and to conduct purchases in Spain (car purchase, home purchase, contract internet, a phone number), amongst others.

Our added value

  • We provide you with personalized support and attention regarding your individual case. Our Mobility Consultants will provide you with an appointment, accompany you step by step and support you with the documentation, as well as the procedure.