Turn of events: The regulation of temporary rentals and rooms in Catalonia is demolished.

Turn of events: New Law demolished.

Turn of Events: demolishing the regulation of temporary and room rentals in Catalonia. The Generalitat of Catalonia approved a decree-law to regulate temporary and room rentals, but the Parliament repealed it after the elections, with Junts opposing and the PSC abstaining. The decree aimed to tackle the rise in seasonal rentals bypassing price restrictions. Despite some party support, it faced opposition. It outlined that rental contracts must specify their purpose and imposed financial penalties for non-compliance. Implementation may be delayed pending the formation of a new Parliament and Government.

Temporary Rentals and Room Rentals: How is the New Housing Law Affecting Them?

Temporary Rentals and Room Rentals: how is the new housing law affecting them? The Generalitat of Catalonia has approved Decree Law 6/2024, of April 24, on urgent measures in housing, which came into force on Friday, April 26 to regulate temporary rentals (11 months or less) and rentals of rooms. A measure that has been urgently approved to prevent rentals that should be long-term rentals, regulated by the new housing law and subject to price restrictions in stressed areas, from becoming room rentals or temporary rentals, which are not governed by these regulations.

Is it the end of Golden Visas in Spain?

Is it the End of Golden Visas in Spain?

Is it the end of Golden Visas in Spain? Introduced in Spain in response to the 2008 financial crisis to attract foreign investment, the golden visa allowed residency via various avenues, notably purchasing real estate valued at over 500,000 euros. Despite its popularity, critics contend that the program has fueled rising property prices in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona. The decision to end the golden visa program, announced by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday, aligns with his goal of prioritizing housing as a fundamental right and rectifying market imbalances exacerbated by speculative investments.